Sunday, July 26, 2009

Did you listen to me...about the softsoap??? $29 Day (pictures)... I said..."Go to Target print these coupons and get the hook up"...I did it and this is my full Dollar General (Friday),Target, CVS & Food Lion, Wal-Mart Day...$29 and just for good measure not one dime was spent at TARGET with coupons....even got a FREE norelco Trimmer & $5 gift card!!!

The List:
2 Listerine
2 Baby powders
2 packs of bathroom cups
3 chapsticks
2 First Aid Kits
14 Dove Deodorants
5 Lysol/Airwick starter kits
7 Oil of Olay Body Wash
7 Soft Soap Body Wash
12 soft soap hand Soaps
1 Norelco Men's trimmer
1 Digiorno
1 Bag of fries
1 water spray bottle (Colby reward for being PATIENT)
2 Intuition Razors..(rewarded with $5 gift card)
1 box of Fruit Chillers

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Amanda K said...

wtg!!! you got some really great things