Wednesday, March 10, 2010


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Picaboo Promotional Banner

Best Photo one I have found this year!!
We're excited to announce our best promotion of the year.  For the month of March, your customers can receive a FREE Large Classic book from Picaboo using code AFFLGB.

I would tell everyone I know to click this link because it will not last long!!! I promise.. ends March 31st and it will take you that much time to pick out all the pictures to load.  Do 20 pages after 20 you have to pay!!!

Get a free Classic photo book at Picaboo! Use code AFFLGB through March 31, 2010.

BLOGGER BEING REBUILT..bear with me as I...

go crazy! I need you to start praying right now!

I did the Earthfare potatoes and it you go proof to see it.

Enjoy your FREE potatoes and trade in some cookies!!!

Daily Devotion...Sunrise listen carefully!! You may hear the birds!

Updated Food Lion Store Specific coupons

Food Lion Coupons

Thanks to A Full Cup

Free at Earth Fare this week 5 lbs potatoes

Just in time for Potatoes at my house!! Remember any purchase means anything in the store gum, bagel, anything!!!   Also they have a "Eat Healthy challenge going on" if you take in your "sweet cookies" they will give you a pack of ORGANIC sweet cookies free...let me know how they taste--even if I don't eat them I can donate them, but I want to donate good "tasting" stuff. Here is the information

Your BI-LO Coupon Matchups 3/10-3/16 Lots of BOGO!!!!

Lay's Potato Chips Save $3.99/2

-$1/2 if Natural are included

Keebler Sandies or Club Crackers or Sticks Save up to $3.99/2

-$1/1 01-24-10 SS

-$1/1, $1/2 Parade, January 2010

Kellogg's Cereal Save up to $3.98/2 (Ad shows Frosted Flakes & Froot Loops)

-(if this is not for the small boxes) $.70/1 blinkies

Jonathan Apples 3 lb. bag Save $3.99/2

Plumrose Premium Bacon Save up to $4.99/2

Palermo's Thun Crust, Rustico or Hearth Italia Pizza Save up to 6.42/2

-$1/1 WTs

-1/2 TP Penguin Frozen Foods display

-$1/1 IP

Klondike Ice Cream Bars Save $3.99/2

-$1/1 Ip sign up required

Sara Lee Classic White Bread Save up to $2.49/2

All Laundry Detergent 32-50 oz. Save up to $5.99/2

-$2/1 02-07-10 RP

Pedigree Mealtime Small Bites 4.4 lb. bags

The Goodlife Recipe Wholesome Twists Dog Food 7.6 ozs. Save up to $5.99/2

-$1/1 01-24-10 RP

Nature Made Vitamins (gotta have something to compensate for all these processed carbs we buy )

-$1/1 02-28-10 SS

Ocean Spray Instant Oatmeal Save up to $3.49/2

Guilt Free Dog Treats or Better Than Ears Plus Dog Treats (my doxie's favoritest treat in the world!) Save at least $3.52/2

-$1/1 02-21-10 SS

Caldesene Baby Powder Save $4.39/2

Top Care Children's Allergy Liquid Save up to $11.25/2

Orville Redenbacher's Microwave Popcorn 2-4 pk. Save $2.50/2
BLINKIES out there...
Emerald Mixed Nuts or Cashew Halves & Pieces Save $4.99/2

-$1.50/2, $1/1 01-31-10 SS

SH Chicken Tenders, Nuggets, or Patties Save $7.99/2 (I mean, seriously...would you ever pay their retail on these things?)

Billy Boy's Pepperoni Pizza Save up to $7.99/2
Lots lots more

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Romans to give up the PROPS!!

Romans 13:7 Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.

So Today was absolutely FANTABULOUS no...didn't save much money...yeah I did at the Pump when I used my fuel perks be sure and check out that video- You may get DIZZY as I am not as good a camera person as I am a COUPONER!!! LOL

Now I want to say thanks to my personal assistant over at Office Depot Debbie-  Now keep in mind I always thought she just treated me extra nice and took time to help me, but I see she treats all her customers this way!!  So when you need quick copy needs hit her over at Office Depot she is the bomb!!!!  Love ya Debbie-

Now the pink elephant in the room.  No one seemed to complain about this until they saw the new one...Yes my LOGO!!! Lauren a graphic design student up in OHIO has taken on the job of REVAMPING the LOGO and look of COUPON Mama... check out the new logo...GO LAUREN..GO LAUREN...

Let's see what else happened today...I dropped off the flyers and postcards over to BILO.  I am telling you if you want to learn how to save and coupon at BILO you need to come to this class March 25th and get ready to learn some things you never thought you would learn....and different ways to save money LEGALLY working with the system and not around the SYSTEM!!!

Oh yes and the Market Tote bags...I never knew so many folks would be interested in bags not these size anyway.  I have pictures up, but want to explain these are not just REUSABLE bags like you see in the grocery store or at TJMAXX these are like your couponing experience "They take it to another level".  I have seen these bags selling for as much as $30 (no embroidery) so you know I had to look into what exactly these bags do??? They are collapsible for easy storage and have aluminum frame..they are cute and not a fad at all...I know because when you look back PICNIC baskets go all the way back to the GARDEN of EDEN (LOLOLOLOL) so they have been around for a little while!!! Oh yeah and it looks a lot like the basket Little Red Riding Hood carried to her grandmother's house!
So anyway I think they should sell for $22.00 with the embroidery.  Does that seem high...well I figure if you save your cookie jar money you may be able to buy one...If not no stresses keep on keeping on!!

Here are the embroidery options.  On one side will be the new LOGO that Lauren made and on the other you can choose to have your name or Coupon Mama Protege (Tina Poole came up with this concept)  Here is the definition of protege'
–noun a person under the patronage, protection, or care of someone interested in his or her career or welfare.
Now I am not sure about color options...because while I was in the car line today doing kid pickup...I had about six colors folks wanted ... so may keep it SPRING for now and move forward from there!

Last, but surely not least DANIELLE you have shown up and showed out...I will be doing the big REVEAL on what she is doing probably on tomorrow!!! I am so stoked!!!

So I have to ask...people in public say yes, but let me see what you say.

I am about to pick up a few Market Tote Bags and would like to know if I get some would you want to buy them for your REUSABLE bags and PICNIC baskets..and if you did would you want Coupon Mama on the bag or what exactly would you want on the bag?  Some have double arm and some single all can be embroidered!! I am thinking maybe your name on one side and Coupon Mama on the other??  How much you willing to pay for these totes?

Fill up this handy basket, and when you're done, fold it flat! It is shaped like a picnic basket, but it can also be used to carry anything you need when you're on the go! Made of durable Canvas with lightweight aluminum frame, rubber handles and zippered top. Folds flat for storage.

Games will end sure and enter..Games are below.

Be sure and enter to win the games below...Thanks to all of you who have participated!!!  Be sure and check out the daily devotion today..may just hit home.

Daily Devotion is is funny, but the Devil will not get me!!

Check out today's daily devotion don't think the avatar is going to work out for Daily Devotion she may have to stick to the commercials. 

All my PUBLIX shoppers!!! Free yogurt and $1 off Choco Cheerios

Sorry Missi we don't have a Publix here for you to use the Cheerios coupons!!  But if you have the Publix in your town stop in and get you some FREE yogurt.  Then if you like it go here to get you some coupons.

Monday, March 8, 2010

GAME 5 Facebook only

Become a fan of MOMMA'S FREEBIES & OTHER FINDS once you have look and tell me what she has listed for her LOCATION.  Email me at and put it in the Subject line.

If you are already a problem just answer the question via email.

All games end 24 hours from post time.

Game 4.. this one will allow you to receive samples..EASY and quick


Now I know people who receive samples all the time in the mail and we all know that anytime you give out your email you are liable to receive some my suggestion to you is that you sign up, but do the following-  make sure you use your SPAM/COUPON email not your main or work email.

Click on the link and just fill out the pertinent information; you don't even have to do the survey, but you can.  Once you click submit it will ask for a number in the box on the second page; fill in the box then email and tell me what number it asked you to fill in.  Be sure you click Submit on the 2nd page also.

Email the answer in the subject line to

All games end 24 hours from post time.

GAME Number 3....get your coupon...

Play this game ane tell me what cereal coupon you are able to print off.

Then email me with the cereal name in the subject line:

All games end 24 hours from post time.

GAME Number 2...let's FIGHT MS and win!!!

Now this one is just for FACEBOOK folks because well it is the only way to make it happen-  Sorry non-facebookers.

We have a sister in Christ that will be walking in the MS walk in Charlotte in about a week and she needs to raise a bunch of money to make this happen.  I need you to simply FRIEND her and put FIGHT MS in your message you send her.  I will in turn donate money for each entry to her walking.  Also while you are doing that go here to sign up to print all those Spring pictures you probably took this weekend or go ahead print the SNOW pictures for Easter gifts for family.  Click here to sign up for the pictures if you already signed up for the pictures this weekend see if you can't sign up a nother FRIEND or family member Cheap is good, but FREE is better!!!!

So Friend Sue Love Boulware and put FIGHT MS in your personal message. (learn more about the FIGHT) 
Sue will let me know who has FRIENDED her and we will do the drawing based on that information.
Sign up for the CVS pics

All games end 24 hours from post time.

New Printable and TWilight lovers coupons..great GIFT idea.

This is just one of the many many new Red Plum Coupons that have just surfaced!  Get your ink ready and print print print....remember this will not last long!!
SAVE $1.00 on any Filippo Berio Olive Oil
SAVE $1.00 on any JOHNSON'S® baby product Excludes trial sizes
SAVE 55¢ On any ONE package of NEW! Keebler® Fudge Shoppe® Cheesecake Middles
SAVE $10 Plus 2 of the following: ASTRO BOY, BANDSLAM, TWILIGHT IN FORKS
Del Monte
Save $1.00 on any one (1) Del Monte Fruit Chillers® Cups or Tubes

Game number one... NAYSAYERS defeated!!

As I said yesterday it is GAME TIME here at Coupon Mama and I am going to start out with simple SCAVENGER hunt games..because many of you play Farmville, Bejeweled and other games that require a little work so this should be fun for you.   It will also require you to do some Witnessing for Christ and witnessing for the message of Coupon Mama... remember it is all about the message not the messenger!!  Let's begin.
The prizes will be just as random as the winners and the winner will be picked when I use this system called that picks them for me.  Many of these I will not be able to check behind you to see if you did them (honestly) counts, but some of them I can because this TECHNOLOGY is good like that, but I trust that all of you will play fair!!

1. In your own words tell three of your Facebook friends (that are NAYSAYERS) why they should become a fan of the Coupon Mama message.

2. Tell them you want to start by showing them an easy way to start saving money right now.  Ask them to click on this link and get 50 free CVS prints.

1. In your own words tell three of your friends via email (that are NAYSAYERS) why they should become a fan of the Coupon Mama message.

2. Tell them you want to start by showing them an easy way to start saving money right now.  Ask them to click on this link and get 50 free CVS prints.

TIME TO COMPLETE 24 hours from 10:08am Monday (today)

Finished? Now email me at in subject: NAYSAYERS defeated!

CONFIRMED the Walgreen's deal

So i just left the Walgreens on Cherry Road and confirmed that yes both the Listerine deal worked and the Gillette.

Now just a note the Listerine is the small bottle of purple listerine and I would suggest you getting the VALUE pack of toothbrushes as they are the same price as the single so you get a two pack of toothbrushes instead of a single pack.

I only purchased one deal and there was plenty left keep in mind they will get another truck in and you can always get a rain if this isn't pay week or the week you budgeted for "DRUGSTORE" spending get a rain check and hold on till you have your spending week.

I was disappointed in the Dr. S. deals as the insoles are $10.99 in the store vs the $6.99 online price.  My hubby needed some for work so I had to buy them, but they do have a $2 off coupon on the package if you weren't able to print any off the computer that makes them $8.99 minus the $3 in-ad coupon makes them $5.99 so if you purchase two you will spend about $12 and get back $10 in decide if you need them or not.

Add this to your Walgreen's...Thanks Missi & Gisele...confirming A.M.

Reach Toothbrush/Floss and Listerine, $3.99/3 (w/ in-ad coupon)

$1/1 Reach Product AND Listerine printable
$1/1 Reach Dental Floss or Access Flosser, exp. 1-31-11 (RP #2 1/3/10)
$1/1 Select Listerine or Reach Products, exp. 1-31-11 (RP #2 1/3/10)
B1G1 Reach Single Toothbrush, exp. 1-31-11 (RP #2 1/3/10)

Suggested Scenario
Buy (2) Reach Toothbrushes and (1) Dental Floss, $3.99/3
Use B1G1 Reach Single Toothbrush coupon
Use $1/1 Reach Dental Floss coupon
FREE after coupons!