Friday, July 31, 2009

Target morning trip...$2 and change for over $300 stuff (pictures to prove) click best deals...I know it is hard to believe, but today was a GOOOOOOOOD Day at Target...

12 boxes of Pop Tarts....

9 Partini games

9 Hyper Jump games

a few Dominoes games

a few Mancala games

and some spare stuff!!!

Yeah...The cashier tried to give me a hard time then the Lead on Duty tried to give me a hard time and off to Guest relations to make a quick call and guess what the CUSTOMER WAS RIGHT!!!!


AMANDA said...

WOW!!!!! I just can't believe it. I hope that you left some games for me. LOL!!! Thanks for the tip tonight. I got the kids CONNECT FOUR game for FREE thanks to the coupon that you gave me. Brice couldn't believe it. And it's not even a HASBRO game. Thanks again.

Signing, my name is Amanda W. & I too clip coupons.

Anonymous said...

Travise, How did you spend only $2?? I know the games are 75% on clearance. Is there a rebate or coupon out there?

Travise said...

Anonymous...what happens is the coupons I had were for $5 rebates so the $5 took care of the product and then I had a few items that the coupon had overage and then I paid the tax!! My name is Travise and I clip coupons