Sunday, August 16, 2009

Are you sowing with EXPECTATION?? click to read..

Are you expecting...when you sow? What you expect will move to you..when you SOW wrap your faith around it and give it an assignment. Your expecting is your sign of FAITH..Expectation is like a chord that binds..What does that have to do with Coupons? Well it has everything to do with it. When I sow these (what you may think) are simply coupon tips..I am sowing seeds into everyone who reads about the coupon. I pray that when you save you pass it on and when you save enough you sow the money you have saved into a ministry that will allow you to reap what you have sown...always give with an expectancy. In all these times of blogging some ignore them, some follow through, some even let me know how I have been able to BLESS their family!!! This is my expectancy!! Host a class to learn more about COUPONING from Coupon Mama and host a class to learn how couponing can and will be a great witnessing tool!!! When you decided (or decide) to follow Christ you think you give it all these verses and see what they say!!!

Sow with this in mind.
1. A Strife Free Home.
2. God will put you in the center of your assignment.
3. God will give you a Financial Boaz (You don't need everyone to like you to bless you...just one person)!

Mark 10:28
Mark 10:29-30
Malachi 3:10

Notes from Bishop Bruce Bufford, M. Murdock & Paula White

Someone needed this..was it you? Let me know if this touched your life.

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Walter R said...

Amen! Thanks for the word!