Sunday, August 2, 2009

Incase you aren't on the email is August.

August letter to friends of CouponMama...

Statistics tell us that only 1% of all the coupons printed are EVEN used. Wow so that tells me that only 1% of the people the world want to save money!! Well this 1% I want to continue hanging out with. Want to be part of the 1%? Get your scissors and start cutting.

This morning as I look at the 2nd day of August I see I have a lot of coupons that need to be taken out of my Coupon Book...not happy at all about that.

Check out the BLOG and look at all the deals the 1% got this week, click Best Deals and look at the older posts!!! Good gracious God is good!!

How do I know where the deals are? Some I just walk up on and others I receive emails from the other 1% like I send to you! Someone asked once why do you keep sending out these emails to most that they fall on "deaf" ears, but you know what my answer is....."When you witness about the love of Christ you have to keep going back to people...rarely do they catch it the first time and I feel that along with this is a call on my life to help someone STRETCH their money, give them the opportunity to give more to the church, give more to someone they don't even know or just GIVE.

This week coming I will be fasting, praying and working on COUPON MAMA as a brand, planning fundraisers for schools to teach about COUPON clipping and prayerfully saving someone some money. Everyone says they want to do it, but are they willing to sacrifice to do it. My new favorite song is God in me, Mary Mary if you don't know the song look at these lyrics and just think about it .

If you would like to host a coupon clipping class at your home, church, daycare, school or office be in touch. All classes cost $7 per person and I am living proof that whether you are local to Rock Hill or as far away as California if you follow the instructions I teach at the class you will SAVE money.

My story, my testimony, my life is not meant to motivate you, but to inspire you. Your situation has to motivate you to make a change.-- Travise

Proverbs 21:20
In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil,but a foolish man devours all he has.

The squeaky wheel saves the most.
My name is Travise and I clip coupons.

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