Friday, August 21, 2009

...Saga continues from Thursday post...

So I go in BLOOM with just my rubber glove coupons and a few others I was so down and my stomach just was full of butterflies...I purchased about 8 packs of the Playtex disposable yellow gloves for about $3...had $1 off coupons! Such a sad trip....still thinking about calling the POLICE because the Coupon Book is gone...what if I never see it many memories we had together. So much money saved and so many people helped. I travel back home from Fort Mill texting friends and family to let them know about the missing Coupon Book. Some seem concerned and some say get over it you can get another one. This was my best, my biggest my my ... oh I tear up just thinking about it. I get home and have to take my great aunt to run some errands. She is almost 90 and I tell her about it when I pick her up...Finally someone who understands...I tell her I am pretty down she asks "will you be able to drive?" I tell her I think I can make it. I call the stores that I had been to last and they say no one has them. I decide to stop by as my aunt agrees.. We pray before I go into Walgreen's. I ask the manager while holding back the tears and he says sorry, but do you have the receipt for what you purchased last night...I tell him no, not with me. He says if you find it call back with the time and I will run the surveillance tape...OMG that means it is against the law maybe I should call the POLICE...after all that is bunches of could be a FELONY. I go to the car still down and my aunt luck? None NADA ZILCH so off to CVS and they have a line..I stand in line and pray I get up to the front and tell them I called about the coupon book. The cashier reaches under the register and there it is!!! FOUND!!! My poor book spent the night in a lonely store without me!! She said I knew if anyone took this much time to put together coupons surely they would come back!!! Thank you JESUS!!!!

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Laurie C. said...

I can imagine that you were in a panic! I freak out when I pull one coupon out of the stash and then can't find it, but to be without the entire stash?!?!?!?!?

So glad you found it. There are still a lot of good people in the world, you just have to look to find them sometimes. :)