Friday, August 7, 2009

SO you saw me at Target...

So this week I went to Target twice and Super Target once...Big shout out to the TARGET folks...Nicole,Kim,Brenda,Ayesha,Carolyn,Amanda,April,Justin and I am sure I am leaving some out...but just naming the ones that were nice..oh yeah Bretta at Super Target,Cheryl & Julio. Over this time I have purchased on 30%-75% clearance about $500 in toys for less than $5. Yep...less than $5 all with COUPONS that I was like printing off paper money right from the Target site!!

I tell you all the time throwing away coupons is like throwing away CASH!!! Now on to what to do with the toys. My children will get a few, but we LIMIT toys at our house...we put them in what I am not calling this a BLESSING CLOSET. I am a volunteer for the RED CROSS fire response team and so often I see children who lost it all and if I can put a few toys in their hands..or if someone has fallen on hard times and I can give to the needy...or if I can bless a child with Toys for Tots....hence the Blessing closet.

Same with food in my Blessing cabinets!!!

Host a class to learn how to do the same!!! $7 a person...great fundraiser idea.


Tanya said...

Hi there,

I went to the target site so I can get those great coupons on the toys but I am unable to find them. Can someone please tell me how to go about getting them so I can get the great savings too? Thanks, Tanya :)

Travise said...

Tanya send me your email or phone number to Thanks