Sunday, August 30, 2009

The three nice people at TARGET tonight!! click Todays Deals to read it all!

So tonight I encountered a few J named nice folks. It is official as of today in Rock Hill if you are using a TARGET coupon with a MANUFACTURER coupon it is ONE per transaction...not per visit. In other words you do not have to physically leave the store as we were all told by AMANDA. So the three J's to say hello and thanks to...Julius,Jessie & Justin. Julius actually took my groceries to the car in the thoughtful.

Anyway as always I asked questions before trying to even check out to keep the DRAMA down...Jim manager or LOD whatever or whoever was on duty and wanted to check, double check and triple check for the answers...he also thought he would tell me per long story short I did about 20 transactions...maybe more to spend about $15 and that was in TARGET COUPONS and not out of my pocket!!

Then I ran into BILO to pick up a couple of yogurts and saw they had the Martha White muffin mix on sale...good deal!!!

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