Monday, September 28, 2009

Isn't this sweet...cut & paste from FBOOK.

Lillian Clark Shop smart, save money. Thanks Coupon Mama...we saved $40 today at Food Lion. :)
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Leticia Rosa Asmar
you got me curious, what is Coupon Mama?
Yesterday at 3:46pm

Lillian Santa
go to hopefully you will be able to benefit from it in GA....we are feeding a family of 7 this week for $58!!!
Yesterday at 4:07pm

Lillian Santa
Letty, coupon is a wonderful lady that has turned her addiction of coupon clipping into a Ministry to help us ladies save on our grocery/shopping in general! She does all the work/research for you. check this site out for free coupons too
Yesterday at 4:13pm

Leticia Rosa Asmar
thanks for the info!
Yesterday at 8:27pm

Lillian Santa
Your welcome....and have fun SAVING! ;)
Yesterday at 8:30pm

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