Friday, September 18, 2009

Super Target $8 out of pocket..

Super Target today...about $180 in stuff....down to $34...used a few gift cards and paid $8 out of pocket...
24 yoplait
18 pop tarts boxes
Capri Sun
5 Glade plug ins
3 candles
3 packs of refill candles
16 strings of cheese
6 First Aid kits
6 notebooks
1 lotion
1 hand sanitizer
5 fruit cups
7 bags of dog food
2 clearance curtain thingies
1 Ali poster
Dixie bowls
trapper keeper kinda thing
2 pair scissors
2 boxes of Gogurt
2 bags of Ortho B Gone weed killer
2 packs of Qtips
2 cans of Emerald nuts
2 boxes of Emerald nuts


Alex said...

maybe i'm missing it..where do I see the qs you use like on a full cup - or is it not that kinda site?

Travise said...

Alex- You will become a member "free" then click on the homepage and scroll down to Target me if that doesn't work and I will send you screen shots.