Thursday, October 15, 2009

9 cents at CVS no Extra Care Bucks....all coupons

What I got for 9 cents today at CVS (on Heckle in Rock Hill) with no Extra Care bucks, but all coupons.. 9 Tylenol PM (8 tablet vials), 1 Fusion shaving gel,Neosporin lip therapy,2 Crystal lite mixes, Tums...

The Tylenol are $1 a tube/vial so I picked up 9 because I had:
$1 off Tylenol product only exclusions were TRIAL size this is not trial size.
making them FREE. (I left another display box full)
The Tums were $3.99, I had the little red coupon book from the pharmacy that has a $1 off coupon stacked with the bottom of last receipt that had a $2 off Tums purchase..making it .99cents
The Neosporin is on sale for $3.00, the coupon I posted this morning is for $3.50 making it free.
The fusion is on sale for $1.99, I had a $1 off coupon stacked with $1 coupon from little red coupon book from pharmacy.
Then I had a coupon from my receipt that gave me $2.50 off any pain purchase over $10 excluding Advil & excedrin.. so that went along with the Tylenol 9 vials..
Total was over $20.00, the overage paid for all but 9cents...sad Extra Care Bucks..
Just a note also at this store they have the Trident layers gum for 37cents in the back with clearance (end of hallmark aisle)...use the $1 off that I posted a few days ago or use it at Walgreens to earn Register Rewards!!

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