Tuesday, October 13, 2009


STACKING ALERT!!!! FOOD LION go to the Heckle store you know what I say….support the stores that support us!!!

Stop what you are doing and take out any SCOTT paper towel coupons you have most if not all are for $1 off…then go to the nearest Food Lion and ask them for the Seasonal Wellness book....should be upfront, but may not be out yet... Get it from any Food Lion and use it on Heckle store...tell em' Coupon Mama sent you...they do have some new cashiers so be patient.

They have $1 off "store" coupons in the back.....Starting Wednesday the Scott will be on sale for $4.99 minus the two stacked coupons equals Scott tissue for $2.99

Clorox wipes are going to be 2/$5 there are $1 off in the same booklet making them $1.50 a piece...haven't found wipes manufacturer coupon, but if you see some let me know.

Ragu sauce will be 3/$5 and the book has 50cent off store coupons and you should have a few manufacturer coupons you can stack.

These coupons have little writing that will drive you CRAZY…so bring your kids and give them money or ring up in different transactions as not to make the KEY person come over…such DRAMA...

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