Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Coupon Concentration $25 budget...

So playing with equations, fractions, decimals and a little bit of Algebra has brought me to this conclusion...This is for you BRETA-

I will be using and or price checking and or matching with the following coupons at Target in the morning--
Artisian Bread (Target Q) no stack
Ocean Spray (Target Q) stack
Kelloggs (Target Q) stack should make free with pricematch with Walgreens for $1.75 minus Target Q $1 = .75 minus the $1 blinkie out there if no blinkie still cost you $1 dollar for cereal

All of the above I will print at Target on their ink and paper at the front KIOSK
Regular newspaper manufacturer and or printed online..all of which I have posted at one time or another right here on the blog.
Free Polident
Scope (stack)
Emerald Nuts
Jimmy Dean (stack)
Bumble Bee Tuna
Lea Perrin (price it first)
Crest for Kids
Tide Anysize for travel
Degree (stack)
Soft soap (stack)
Leap Frog (just pricing)
Johnson & Johnson
Glade (all products)
Air wick (all products)

Mentos free
Minute rice free..I think
Healthy Choice $2 off..
Gatorade (got out of Circle K) buy 2 @.88 get a bag of chips free
Fresh Express makes for FREE salad

Tyson Chicken will be 2 bags for $4.99 they are B1G1 at $6.99 minus the $1 coupon use two
Check price on Carnation milk have .50cents coupons

Triaminic & Theraflu deal
Huggies wipes (stack)
Sure Deodorant FREE
Zantac $5 coupon

Family Dollar
check to see if SWIFFER is in or not...
Colgate or Crest for Kids should be free...

That should be my day....depending on how many of everything I get I am budgeting $25.00

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