Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I did it all for ya'll!!!!

Everyone who knows me...knows that Target in Rock Hill is not my favorite place because of the drama & hassle I always receive for my coupon usage. Now if you drive right up the road to Super Target on 49...the people are totally different, the service is different and they appreciate your business...I have to say this is from my experience. I am the one that always tells you support stores that support couponers. Coupons are _____________. You know the answer.

So anyway I must say Carolin(e) was the greatest today. I went to return some glade so that I could repurchase the HOLIDAY glades with the $5 gift card promotion and my receipt came up SHUTDOWN!! She has been with Target for a while and has never even heard of this!!! Long story short she took care of me..I checked out the Holiday glades and the promotion is through December...so don't rush, but I haven't gotten the deal down to the penny just yet. I have seen several posts on line that have, but the refills weren't on the promotion...I am waiting on some UPC's to confirm....I see Christmas stuff in the aisles already...so get ready. Also the Toy Book is not in the store just yet..so keep holding on.

My name is Travise and I clip coupons. See you at Oakdale November 2nd...be sure and RSVP and mark your calendar my birthday is FRIDAY!!!

And for those wondering the contacts are getting better...every day....

God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

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