Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ocean Spray .98cents for 64oz..& cheap cereal .@ Target

Need some OCEAN SPRAY juice...go to Target get it for .98cents for 64 oz...usually $2.79...I called Rock Hill Target even though I will not shop there, but called for all you other Rock Hill shoppers...I will be at Target on 49 in the morning..

Click here Ocean Spray coupon as many as you like and save $1.

While you are doing your TARGET looking around...check out the cereal prices...Kellogs $1 off coupon on the same page stack with the $1 manufacturer that is in most blinkies throughout Rock Hill and other coupons should make for some cheap cereal!!! Get your stacking done!!!

REMEMBER because this coupon is still up to date on the Target site you can print inside the target store at the kiosk...use there ink use there paper....

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