Friday, October 23, 2009

OK so have a seat....

Today was the big CONTACTS day right? Well I told everyone I wouldn't chicken out and after 30 years was gonna make the change to CONTACTS!!! School was out here so I took one of my boys with me; Colby the 8 year old...I needed someone to help guide me around know my glasses broke this week....the same day I taught the class over at Catawba so yes I have been glassless since then. (Blogging is great you can just make up your own words) anyway make it to my appointment at 10:30 for the contact fitting and get the air blown in my eyes get the contacts and put the right one in and ok this is cool...then I can't get the left one in and the Dr. puts it in...well it still is "itchy" or something, but that can't stop me from COUPONING..I have to meet Breta at 11am...low and behold I walk out of the Dr. office and Breta and her son are waiting for me in the waiting room...left eye twitching and all I drive up to the Super Target on 49..walk in and see Couponing Buddy (newbie) Rachael and Riley (how cute and curly haired he is...I think those were curls I could only see out of one eye)...He is saying "COUPONS COUPONS COUPONS" sweet is that...Rachael dosen't have her book...I think maybe I just don't see it since I only have one good eye..and she says she was only coming for a costume and she had been and was on her way out...I eill let her SLIDE this time.

So Breta and I do our COUPONING...I am just DISCOMBOBULATED cause I can't see well at we make this a short trip..
Free cereal: The cereal is about $2.49 a box at Target, there are $1 off coupons on Target site (I printed in the store at the kiosk up front); then I had the $1 out of the blinkies and also remember I said run by the Food Lion on Heckle to pick up the little boxes of "car cereal" they are 2/$1 with a $1 coupon right on the back of them; then I pricematched with Walgreen's which have theirs on sale for $1.75 this week.
FREE OCEAN SPRAY (most of you will pay $1): The Ocean Spray is on sale for $1.98 no sign was there so I had to have the price checked by an associate as I couldn't see well enough to take over to the scanner. On the Target site are $1 off Ocean Spray coupons (printed in store) plus I had some old Ocean Spray $1 occ coupons..made it free for me, but .98cents for most of you.
Free Johnson & Johnson baby care lotion: Used the $1 off coupon from a few Sundays ago.
Small loaf of baguette bread 50cents: This great for making sandwiches regular price $1 printed 50cents in store.
Emerald Nuts...hubby loves and they were $4.59-minus $1(online) minus $1 sticker on the nuts so paid $2.59 (still high, but he wanted them)
Scope was on sale for $3.59 and I have been wanting to try this $3.59 minus $2(Target coupon from paper) minus .75cents manufacturer coupon.
FREE Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls on sale $1.97 used $1 Target coupon minus $1 manufacturer coupon from paper.
Out of pocket was 41cents, but I had Target money (from when they made an error) actual was about $14 saved $45...
Great deals with the STACKING option...but other than that didn't see much well with only one good eye I may have missed something.

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