Thursday, October 1, 2009

SWIFFER DEAL for the day

Go to Family Dollar and look at the Swiffer shelf there should be a $4 off coupon that is a store coupon add that to your $5 coupon that was in the Procter Gamble section "PINK" this week and it gives you $9 coupon money the swiffer cost $10...then use your buy swiffer get a free refill coupon to get the refill and the swiffer for less thatn $1.50!!! Also don't forget to pick up your colgate coupon for $1 because Family Dollar has the Colgate on sale for $1. Tell them Coupon Mama sent ya!!! LOL...
Just in case you don't have all those coupons here are a few...may help out, but will not be as good as the ones out of the paper plus the store coupon...take the class/host a class...just get in a class so you will understand how all these deals work!!!!
Don't worry if they are all gone...just hold on to your coupon and ask them when the truck comes in to restock the shelves.

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