Monday, October 19, 2009

Today's budget was $20...

So anytime I have a class coming up I try to have RECENT receipts and PROOF that consistency works so this is a preview of what we have tomorrow in class at Catawba @ 6:30pm.
So Breta and I hit the streets today and this was how it went!!!
Went to BILO and ran into Gage & Stac...
I picked up 4 Dole fruit cups (used .75off one cup) & used one reusable bag credit total ZERO.
Next stop was CVS
4 Crystal Lite singles/$2 off any Crystal light= FREE
1 J&J first aid kit/$1 off Johnson & Johnson = FREE
4 Visine eye drops/$2 off any Visine (4)= FREE
1 Reusable bag card $1= $1
4 Tylenol PM $1 off (4)= FREE
bout $3 with tax
Off to Walgreen's
2 Theraflu/ $2 off (2) + $2 off (in store coupon) = .99 x 2
1 Triaminic/$1.50 off (1) + $2 off (in store coupon) = $1.99
Trident/ 1.00 off = .49
2 Frapacinno (whatever) $1.00 off + $1.29 coupon =.29c x 2
bout $6 bucks then I received $8 in Register Rewards that I used to buy 4 new Reusable bags
Off to Super Target....because Target doesn't work well for me....and Super Target folks are really NICE!!!!
So I had 11 FREE Glade plug in coupons our of the SC Johnson book that I picked up at Food Lion about a month ago...remember I told you to go to aisle 10 at Food Lion????
11 Glade plug ins FREE
3 Glade plug ins FREE (coupon bogo free)
11 Glade tins cost $2.99 had $1.50 off coupon each
11 Tin refills coupon for free refills with purchase of TIN
9 Tin refills coupon for refill when you purchase two glade products
4 Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls $1.97 minus $1 (Target Coupon) $1.00 manufacturer coupon
3 Big Air wick I-Motion $5.99 coupon $6 off x 3
8 bags of Chex mix clearance .68cents used $1 off Target coupons
A few other things in the cart...totaled $148 and change...
After coupons $25 and change!!! So how did I stay under BUDGET???
PRICEMATCH!!!!! PRICEMATCH!!!! with the Walgreen's (must have paper) 2/$5 this week on all GLADE products (tin, refill) so they had to refund me $25 bucks!!!
The Super Target on 49 in Charlotte allows for pricematch with coupons, but must be done after the transaction...always check with customer service to see what will be easiest for that store. I know for a FACT that Rock Hill will not pricematch and use a COUPON!!! Unless something has changed in the last 30 days as I have not shopped that store in 30 days!!
Dominique & Mabilissa (hope spelled right)

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