Friday, November 13, 2009


Coupon Mama While at BILO be on the look out for the coupons your fellow shoppers leave at Self checkout or in regular line; FREE bag of chips (big bag) $2 off Fresh Express Salad...I picked up 2 of each at Self checkout...they are always in a HURRY...LOL

Coupon Mama BILO FIX found few more coupons that I hadn't cut 9 heinz ketchup,12 Kleenex,6 mean green,2 fresh express salads,3 bottles of snuggle,1 glass plus, 2 healthy choice meals,4 Frozen waffles,1 bag of blue chips, 1 pouch $104 paid $14.62.

Don't forget your rain checks the ENDUST & Playtex gloves were out...

Also many of the glass plus have .50cents off on sale $3.18 bogo = $1.09 each with coupon (doubles) 9cents.

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