Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I know....I know...I know...

It is has been three days since my last post...busy with Birthday...and preparing for the classes I had and have this week coming, but I wanted to stop in and say hello and a few other things. As always I can not stress enough that the purpose of Coupon Mama is a ministry to encourage you to Shop. Save. Share.

Everyone wants to be giving during the Holidays, but as coupon clippers I want you to be GIVING all year!!! As the Holidays approach be sure that you are praying that the Holy Spirit will lead you as to where your gifts of prayer,canned goods, boxed goods, and whatever else you are able to give. Know that whatever you give based on your excess is blessed by God. We can all give something if you just give ONE can good you have given and you will be blessed for the gift. I believe that God gave his only son for our sins and we should reflect on that more than just during this season.

I am planning classes for the coming months and look to be busy as I prepare to get as many ideas for you during the GIVING season. I would like to share with you how we celebrate the Holidays at our home...well the Christmas Holiday.

First off Santa doesn't visit our home, but that doesn't mean he may not visit yours. We have two boys (8,10) and they have always celebrated this way...so I would like to share how it is at the SMITH home on Christmas.

Our boys both receive three items a piece (we get that from that story in Matthew about the baby who received three gifts from the wise men...know that story?) Anyway they have a budget and know that WE have one also..our boys are well into the finances and know HOW MONEY works...no entitlement "attitude" here!!!

The boys tell us the three items and we tell them whether they are in the budget or not. On Christmas morning we give them the three items and by 11am... we are at the Soup Kitchen passing out meals to the Sick & Hungry. We think that this also teaches our children that if the budget changes for the home needs it will also change for the Christmas gifts. So many times children don't always understand that "Santa got laid off" and we go out and go into all this debt to make sure our children have the BEST...but the BEST doesn't have to be money and gifts, but LOVE & TRUTH!!! We also try to adopt a family and or person to give them the necessities of life...not a bunch of toys, but a Bible, clothes and other necessities.

If indeed GIVING is the reason for the season....what are we teaching our children?

Get ready to schedule a class to host for the Holidays so you can GIVE more this Season and the next Season..and the next Season and the next!!!

Over the next few weeks I will be posting different agencies that you may want to pray to see if you are led to give to them.

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