Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Target pics list and pics..what $15 can buy you.

Here is the Target picture from Hwy 49..Big Shout out to the nice, understanding and always COURTEOUS staff at Hwy 49, Mabelissa, Dominique & new cashier Abby(I was the first person she ever checked out)...it is always good to go where people know your name and appreciate your business.

The total was $15 and I received $25 in GC for the Glade products. Saved $295 have receipt for you Na' Sayers!!!

3 Ocean Spray Cranberry juice
8 Lint brushes
3 Colgate
9 Up & Up wipes
8 Air Wick Imotion
7 Reach dental floss
12 rolls of Quilted Northern
2 Boxes of Emerald individual nuts
2 jars of Emerald nuts
8 Glade sprays
8 Glade Tins plus candles
8 Glade refills plus holder
8 night light refill holders
2 Glass Glade holders
4 Ziploc baggies
4 votive candles
20 4 pack gingerbread candle refills

If this doesn't inspire you to host a class I don't know what will. Classes will be $10 beginning in January..up from $7 per person...Why? Because I am running further away to do classes, gathering more coupons for giveaways and advertising....hope this will not discourage you from hosting or attending a class, but I can ALMOST guarantee you will save that $10 on your first trip if you follow the RULES of COUPONING!!!

Shop. Save. Share.

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