Sunday, November 29, 2009


CONFIRMED: Will try early in morning at Walgreen's Olay body wash $2.99Olay Quench Lotion $7.99 Olay In-shower Lotion $0.00 (Free with Quench Lotion Purchase) Use $1 mq Olay Body Wash (11/1 P&G)+$7.99 mq Free Lotion with Body Wash purchase (11/29 P&G) + $1 mq Olay Hand & Body Lotion (11/1 P&G)

CONFIRMED: I got it down to $1.75 so that is the deal... Watch carefully.

You will go to Walgreen's and pick up the in store ad or take it from home

Turn to page 29 and read the FREE oil olay deal.

Pick up those two items (quench lotion tag says $9.99, but on sale for $7.99 + $4.99 shower-body lotion) now in Rock Hill (Oakland) you will need to turn to the other shelf and reach up top and pick on of the $2.99 lotion/shower bottles.

Now take out three coupons. The one in the paper yesterday for the buy the olay lotion and get the Quench free; value $7.99.

Now take out the November 1 coupons for $1 that will expire today NOVEMBER 30th use two of them.
+++++If you don't have the Nov. 1 coupon don't stress you can get a good just will be $2 more and have one coupon.

So in front of you should be three items and three coupons. The computer will beep and may even need a manager to over-ride, but it does work. My total was $1.75 cents. If you have several do one at a time.

$18 plus of stuff dor $1.75...good DEAL...I would say so. These will go into spa baskets for teacher(s).

Managers on duty this morning when I went in were Deyoung(not sure if spelled right) and Emmanuel.

Another deal. FREE ECOTRIN Aspirin..

The ECOTRIN is on page 36 on sale $1.99 I had several coupons from last year that were $2, but NEVER FEAR these ECOTRIN have $2 coupon on the inside of the box so let the cashier scan and ask her to let you open the box to use the coupon. You will need one filler item; so take up a 10cent Christmas Pencil.

Afraid to try the $1.99 and then open the box and go get another one...
I know there are lots of other great deals, but wanted to post these this morning to start off that Monday back at work right!!!

My name is Travise and I clip coupons.

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