Sunday, November 22, 2009

TMOBILE store at Newport by new Wal-mart pricematches!!!

Ok so this is a good post. Last night I was out at the new T-Mobile store...hubby is looking at a new phone so the boys and I head out to check out the new store. First off I have to say it is looks like the APPLE store up in Southpark, it is called "THE PLAYGROUND" and when I say my boys had a good time they had a GOOD TIME. So why do you care well first off you remember I picked up my phone last week at WALMART and got the $100 Walmart card and paid $48 for the phone...well get this this particullar store has the BEST prices in town and even pricematch...yes THEY pricematch...go figure that! Who knew? You know if Coupon Mama didn't know....well you can finish that sentence. So he goes on to tell me he would have sold me the phone for even less and then given me $100 VISA card to spend anywhere...(not sure if this is still the DEAL, but to think I missed it)...and yes they will have some BLACK FRIDAY deals...they are on the shhhhh, but if you are looking for a blackberry...I would be there on Friday when they open.

So anyway I want you to go out there before you make any decisions on phone purchases for you, your hubby, your kids or anyone. So I thought I would ask about the "kid" phones...and Oh my goodness they have plans that seriously can be really MONITORED by parents. Let me tell you what they call monitoring. For instance if you want little Johnny to have a phone but don't want him on it between 8am-2pm you can put a "governor on it to make "no calls at those times"...ok and say you only want him to be able to TEXT and not can make it work just that way. Now I am not all about KIDS having phones with no jobs to pay the bill, but the phones are FREE up to a bunch of money, and the plans can be as low at $5 a month...this is crazy.

Please please please go by and tell them Coupon Mama sent you to check on some of these deals. Ask for Michael Kelly or Sara...great group of folks!!!! (telling I came by may give you an extra never know)

I am sending my little brother over there to apply for a job so if you see a tall cutie he is my baby brother...way baby 15 years younger than me!!!

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Olivia said...

The T-Mobile at Manchester does also. I went in there last night with an ad from Radio Shack for a free Blackberry Curve. They were willing to match the add.