Friday, December 4, 2009

Breta has been found

I found Breta and when I found her she let me know a few things that needed to be done to my BLOG so I have made the FAN BOOK smaller so you can see all the words (LOL) was my trick for her to join FB...she it is fixed now.

I had a fabulous time at EASTVIEW last night and wanted to give a BIG shout out to everyone that came out. I do hope it was well worth your TIME & MONEY. Congratulations to all the DAve Ramsey graduates...believe me it works if you work it...Daves plan is kind of like God's if you take one step He (God) will take two. Remember that your TITHING doesn't give more to the church, your tithing blesses you don't get it TWISTED!!!

Take a moment today and think of someone less fortunate than you it may be a co-worker, friend, enemy or just someone walking down the street bless them in some may just be with a smile, a prayer or a simple HELLO. What is going on in your life is never so big that you can't stop and THANK God for the little, the much or the overflow that you have.

Oh yes I promised I would step up on my SOAP BOX so here it is. WHERE is the recession if the shopping malls are full, the unemployment lines are full and the churches are empty. OK I am off of it have a fabulous COUPONING DAY!!!!

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