Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Calling all Store Managers

As I put together this simple invitation I asked myself....I said Self "What will be the best way to get coupon questions answered...and this is what I came up with.

Yesterday I posted that the class on January 11, 2010 is filling up fast, but that I wanted to invite the management staff from the stores (locally) that we spend our money at on a regular basis. I want to invite them because so many times we all post/hear different stories about what happened at one store on one side of town and then something different happened at the same store on the other side of town. This will allow for CORPORATE POLICY and not opinions based on what the cashier or manager making a decision this is correct. I have emailed corporate and called each store, but think it may be a little more effective if WE (YOU) print out the invitation and take it to your local store. Let them know how important coupon usage is in your household and how their attendance would help clear up a lot of issues.

Well I have already been to a class and this will not help me. Sure it will help you because all the information/answers will be posted on the website and fbook page to give us CLEAR answers instead of some of the BLURRED answers we have right now.

So if you will do this for me I would appreciate it.

Print this invitation and take the store(s) ask the manager to take a moment to review it and I think YOU taking it will provide a better impact if they see that WE (couponers) are here to stay.

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