Monday, December 14, 2009

Can not stress this enough...Target toys up to 75% off January

If you want to get an early start to shopping for the "toy closet" for next year you will want to be aware of the following.

Every year Target does a huge markdown on toys in varies on the date, but just a heads up when you see toys on end caps at 30% they will be part of the mark will go to about 50% then right to 75% and what is left will go to 90%...not usually anything left. Many of the playskool toys you are buying now will be DIRT if you know of someone needing toys this will be the best time to do it...

I would suggest you go here and print the coupons I think they will not expire until January so print one to be sure and then continue to print the rest and put them in your BINDER.

Great for next year baby showers, newborn gifts in the spring etc....

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