Sunday, December 27, 2009

Coupon only redeemable with this..FAITH

This morning I am listening to the Potter's House church and these are my notes.

If you start something with God in mind he will finish ....

The following Coupon is available to all and if you have accepted and redeemed this coupon after reading this please please please email me and let me know...
I had no righteous to bring to God of my own, but he put a coupon out there and I didn't even have to buy a paper to get it, didn't have to cut it out, didn't even have to go to the recycle bin to pick it up. This coupon is called SALVATION and is only able to be redeemed with FAITH. FAITH is what sets you apart from the SINNER. A sinner can call on Christ, but to be a Christian you have to have FAITH and put it into action. FAITH without work is DEAD. Come HELL, highwater, pain, troubles, have to believe that you can do above, what anyone can think or ask...that is FAITH. I have said this before and will say it again. My FAITH will not do a thing for you, but your FAITH can move a MOUNTAIN!!

When God tells you to do something...DO may not even seem like it related to what you are supposed to do better do it. Faith doesn't demand DETAILS!! Don't keep discussing it with GOD when he says DO IT just DO IT.

The God we serve is not a GOD that He will lie...

If he tells you to give your coupons to the person behind you...or in front of you do it!! You have heard me tell you in the class that you don't know what they are going through on that day and maybe the $3 coupon you give them is just how much they needed for the DEBIT card to be accepted.

Your obedience to God can be as simple as sharing a coupon while at the same time sharing Christ.
Big shout out to Heather McSparran who gave away a few THERA flu coupons in Walgreen's just never know how much money the lady had or maybe she was buying THERAFLU cause she didn't have insurance to take herself or her family to the doctor and this was going to be the best she could do.

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