Friday, December 18, 2009

Get your Blue Ray Tinkerbell DVD $1.99....see how

UPDATED 3:37pm in red

STACKING & PRICE MATCH ALERT!!!!!! Stocking stuffer deal!!!

Best Buy has a 3 day sale for Tinkerbell Blue Ray $16.99. So go to Best buy pick up sales paper in lobby take to Target and price match...Target has the DVD for $21.99 or $29.99 regardless a bunch of money....

So go here to get the $10 coupon.

@Amy Thanks for the walk through Amy H. Stogner
click on the bottom of the page disney rewards movie (or movie rewards) sign up if needed then click top tab "rewards" then enter "gift" in the code box- should take you to coupon- HTH

Now go to scroll down to Grocery coupons and print out the $5 off any DVD you will see the Transformers picture on the DVD, but the wording is $5 off any DVD over a certain amount.

Now you have $16.00 in coupon money and you pay the difference. I went to the Rock Hill store they have about 7 left and April is over the DVD are welcome to talk to her, but this deal will not last long...Tinkerbell will be gone!!! You can always go to any other Target and get the same deal.

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