Tuesday, December 8, 2009

HEFTY CUPS 50cents not advertised

I called over to Food Lion on Heckle and talked to Lacy...asked her to price check the Hefty cups...(you know with the Holidays coming up and uh yeah I don't want to wash so many dishes) she said they were $1.99 red $2.99 clear....well I could care less what color and you know what color I like best...yep the $1.99 color (LOL) anyway if you click here you will see a $1 FL coupon and students what can we do with store coupons??? STACKEM...go look at your binder and you should have a Hefty coupon from 11/15.... that equals 50cent Hefty cups... Someone call my cousin Nesi and let her know I will be bringing cups for Christmas Eve dinner!!!

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