Tuesday, December 1, 2009

HUGGIES BREAKDOWN...as low as $2.49

FOOD LION 3 day DEAL...(as usual I encourage you to go to FL on Heckle if you are local) they are expecting you...no problem if they run out on Friday because the truck comes in on Saturday!

OK so here is how it will go!!! Huggies will be as low as $2.49 for a big pack.
Watch carefully:

3 day sale $6.99 Huggies (bottom of front of paper)
If you started clipping 11/15 you should have a $3 off coupon
$6.99-$3 = $3.99
Next you will need to go to www.CouponMama.org click store coupons or click here http://couponmama.org/diapers-1231.pdf
$3.99-1.50 = $2.49

Now if you didn't start in 11/15 or keep those coupons (NOBODY LISTENS TO ME!!!)
You still have time to get a Sunday paper from anyone you know who doesn't clip coupons and ask them for the PARADE magazine it has a $2 coupon inside of it so then your total would be $3.49

Host a class so you will understand the deals.....email
Now give the cashier both coupons

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