Saturday, December 19, 2009

Links to click on and not click, sharing and more.

So I was talking to some people who often print the coupons and sign up for the great deals here on Coupon Mama that have taken the class found me online and some have just found me online.

You will notice I always emphasize that you click on the link I put in the blog, facebook or online...this is why. As you know the Coupon Mama motto is Shop. Save. Share. This is the SHARE part. I have partnerships with certain links that I put in the blog, facebook etc that allows me to give back to the community and or pay 10% (like adds up) to a local church and or non-profit. So please click on the links so that even if you aren't sharing your product because it is a gift for are still SHARING and giving back to the community.

Second reason is with so many viruses out here for your computer to catch these are links that I have checked and that are safe and secure.

So next time you see a link to clip coupons click it here and not on the generic site or if you see a banner and I say click the banner above...that is why.


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