Saturday, December 12, 2009

My price adjustment experience at OLD NAVY

So yesterday I told you to go and get your FLEECE zip ups for $10 because they would go on sale today for $5. So I picked up a few yesterday and verified with the manager that these were the ones that were going on sale. Great they were. Came back with receipt in hand today nope not the fleece just the receipt and said "Hi, I need to get the price adjusted on these"...making small talk she asked what I purchased I told her the fleece she said..oh no problem would you like the difference on your card or in cash...just that EASY!!!! Aww it was a good day..

Note: Even seasonal can be done the same way...the HUGE stockings are at $1 yes $1 and the reusable bags are at .49cents so imagine if you buy some of this now....what will the price be the day after need to fight the lines...just pick it up 7 days before CHristmas and go get your money back!!!

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