Tuesday, December 1, 2009


OK now if you have taken a class you know how much I encourage you to save money, but not one time will I or have I encouraged anyone to "make" their own coupons. This weekend during the Holidays someone made copies of coupons cut, paste and made there own coupons..yes TECHNOLOGY is just that easy to make it happen. As you know there is always one bad apple that will ruin the entire bunch, but this is just NOT COOL. Please do not tell people you took my class and learned to "make" your coupons in the class. I have a good working relationship with several managers and district managers in the area and as soon as someone does this IT makes it super hard for the VALID couponers to be able to save money the right way. It is stealing; fraudulent coupons are STEALING, copied coupons are STEALING.

The ultimate goal of Coupon Mama is simple; Shop. Save. Share. So now when Candice the Cashier asks for a manager to come over...don't look so concerned this person is making us hold up the line, this person is making the COUPON PROFILING even worse and more!!!

If you want to save money and save money legally email so you can set up a class.

Fake coupons will not have a expiration date, bar codes will all be the same on multiples, high value etc. You know who you are....please STOP using FAKE COUPONS!!!

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