Saturday, December 12, 2009


DEAL ONLY GOOD if you purchased after 12/10
If you got in on the Oil of Olay deal week before last I am proud of you, if you kept your receipt you will be proud of you and if you picked up more than one you should now be at Hallelujah stage!!! REBATE ALERT... you can still purchase, but the deal two weeks ago was just so much CHEAPER.

I never ever encourage rebates...because I have to wait so long, but since it is something I already did and it was based on a REBATE why not wait for the MONEY!!!! LOL

LAURIE C: Thanks for the correction .. well I guess my RAINCHECK will have to work then!!!


Laurie C. said...

The rebate is only good for purchases made starting 12/10!

Laurie C. said...

No problem! I just happened to get mine on the 10th to bump my CVS total up to $50 to use a $10/$50 I had. ;)