Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Order the Observer

I posted this deal on yesterday, but failed to put the contact this is a REPOST. The Charlotte Observer as I always tell you has the best coupons so I encourage you to pick it up every Sunday, but many of you have not had the coupons in the paper when you pick it up or they are all gone when you get to your to alleviate that problem (for at least one paper)

The Observer has this deal. If you purchase 4 weeks at $10 they will give you $10 in BILO gift cards back...$10 for $10. You provide them with your debt card information they draft and you start getting the paper.

Rob Waters; he is at the BILO most times when I go in...he is a contractor for the Observer 704 492 1468 email I did it and it worked for me...$10 for $10.

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