Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Walgreens...all scenarios start with ZERO Register Rewards

BRETA read this carefully...cause I am going to be moving FAST in the morning it will be cold & raining....

I scoured the paper, called the Walgreens, and looked at every BLOG online all for ya'll!! So every BLOG I saw started with Register REwards from last week, but I am going to set these up as though you don't have any because a lot of you are newbies..

Remember you have to get $25 worth of items before coupons to qualify for the $5 RR. Now I am going to Walgreens at like 7:40 in the morning....I talked to Mr. Dion the manager and we are not sure how it will ROLL with RR items inside of the scenario so we will have to see...TRIAL and error I will post as soon as I see what happens in the morning.

I have 8 of the Tylenol Q's (more than average person)

4 day sale Tylenol BOGO @ $4.59 = $4.59 ( I will do this one on 6 boxes)
use $2 off coupon (2)
total .59
(if you don't have the Q go to the website I posted for $2 off)

Pert $1.99
use $1.50 Q

Pert $1.99
use $1.50 Q
= .50cents

Theraflu 2/$10
use $1.50 off (blinkie) x2 =$3
use store coupon $2 from Diabetes & You Holiday book or give cashier code 5089 (code may only work with Sugar Free) x2= $4

Total $27.75 products
Pay out after coupons: $5.75
Receive $5 Register Rewards
Do this scenario x 2
Triaminic 2/$10
Use $3 Manufacturer x 2
use $2 Walgreens Q x 2 or code
pay out 1.40cents
receive $10 RR

Throw in some kleenex B1G1 $2.19
use 50cents off one box x 2

maybe some gum and you should be at $25.00
receive your $10 RR for the Triaminic
receive your $5 RR for spending $25

Single Deals or Fillers

Chinet b1g1 @$2.99
use 2 of the $1 (blinkies)
total .99

Excedrin $6.99
Use $4 in store coupon
Use $1 All You magazine
pay $1.99

$4 off all $9.99 Toys in ad coupon (will be in 4 day ad)

Prilosec OTC at $24.99
-$7/2 Prilosec OTC, 42 ct PG 11/29
-$1 off Prilosec OTC, PG 11/29
-$3 off Prilosec OTC, PG 11/29
Put in a filler item or two
Get back $5 for the Prilosec
Get back $5 for spending $25


If you want to spend some money and really need these items this scenario is repeated on lots of the blogs...I am not sold on this one, but wanted to post anyway.

(1) Neutrogena Men’s Skin Care at $4.99
(1) Just For Men Touch at $6.99
(1) Scunci Hair Accessories at $2
(1) Renu Multi-Purpose Solution Twin Pack, at $9.99
(1) Stim-U-Dent, at $2(1) Stayfree at $1.99
(1) M&M Premiums, 6 oz. at $2.49
(1) Excedrin PM Gels 80ct $6.99
(2) Scotch Tape 3 pk $1.50 ea

Use:-$2 off any Neutrogena product December All You Magazine
-$2 Touch of Gray printable
-$2 off Renu Solution printable
-$1 off Stayfree printable
-$1 off M&M Premiums RP 11/1, 12/6
-$4 off Excedrin PM December Coupon Booklet (store coupon)
-$1 off Excedrin PM April All You Magazine or printable (2)
-$1 off Scotch Tape “Winter Savings” booklet from Publix (manuf. coupon)
Total Due: $25.44Get
Back: $33.50 RR — $5, $7, $2, $10, $2, $2, $0.50, and $5 bonus Register Rewards

A few individaul RR if you want to build up your RR wallet
$5 RR when you Spend $25 (on any thing…)

$4.99 RR wyb Neutrogena Men’s Skin Care at $4.99 free
-$2 off any Neutrogena product December All You Magazine

$6.99 RR wyb Just For Men Touch of Gray Hair Color at $6.99 free
-$2 Touch of Gray printable
Free Touch of Gray after Mail in Rebate

$2 RR wyb Select Conair Brushes or Scunci Hair Accessories at $2 free

$9.99 RR wyb Renu Multi-Purpose Solution Twin Pack, at $9.99 free
-$2 off Renu Solution printable

$2 RR wyb Stim-U-Dent, 100 pack at $2 free

$1.99 RR wyb Stayfree Feminine Care Maxi 16-24 pk, or Ultra Thins 16pk, at $1.99 free
-$1 off Stayfree printable

(Again not sure if these will have to be separated, but if they are separated it is hard to understand how to get the $5 off $25)...hmmm will report back

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