Sunday, January 31, 2010

Faith commeth by hearing...pride before fall...

Faith cometh by hearing that I know I can make these coupons work for the good that God has purposed them to do I John 5:4 For whatsoever is born of God is the victory that overcometh the world, even our FAITH. Your faith is what will get you through and over whatever you are dealing with.

Many people today are clipping coupons because they don't have any CHOICE because they have lost a job, hours have been cut or even worse both parents have lost a job and they are too proud to get Food Stamps. Now let me be frank...I have never received Food Stamps(Praise God by his GRACE), but let me remind you that the Bible tells us that Pride comes before a fall Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. If indeed you are too proud to sign up for and receive Food Stamps so your children can eat, but you don't want to be embarassed and let Susie see you in the line pulling out your EBT card....I will not even go there with you because although I am not a supporter of "LIVING ON THE SYSTEM" I am a supporter of children being able to eat, parents being able to provide for their family. This is a time in this are that 25% of the people in York County are out of work this is no time to be PRIDEFUL. I am actually trying to locate a grant that will allow me to teach COUPON CLASSES to food stamp receipients so that they can stretch what they have and understand that you don't have to use every dime all at one time...because when you come off the system you will need to know how to live on less than you make and coupons will help you make that happen.

I don't know if I posted this or not, but I had a lady who receives EBT in a class the other night and she told me she drops off bags of groceries from her overflow of EBT on church steps and leaves a note saying please share with a single mother who needs this food. PEOPLE we can not wait for the bag of groceries to appear you have to go out and get may take a little extra time to use your coupons, but it isn't like many of you are getting OVERTIME so you have some EXTRATIME. Put your children to work and have them to help you cut, organize and redeem your coupons. They eat don't they?

Today I don't need a AMEN because I probably will not get it, but let's see how many people will step up and actually click the COMMENT button and not be ashamed of CHRIST and give a response that is inline with the WORD OF GOD.

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Taka said...

AMEN! Everyday I am more and more thankful for the Coupon Mama ministry because it surpasses the simple task of cutting a coupon. I have not felt so useful in such a long time. I am able to help my family as well as someone else's. My favorite part of Christmas is giving a gift and seeing the reaction on a person's my overflow items is like Christmas all year round for me!