Saturday, January 9, 2010

Free $1 off Coupons x 5

FREE $1 off Coke mailed to you x 5. Go to sign up, then activate your account online, then go back in (sign in) click redeem points you will have 100 (just for signing up) go to grocery tab then click coca cola put 5 in box and they will mail coupons.


Anonymous said...

When I clicked on the Coke, it wanted 20 points rather than 5. What gives?

Travise said...

Let mean re-EXPLAIN the 5 and 100. Each coke coupon is 20 points so you will have to put 5 in your cart to get 5...5x20=100.

Anonymous said...

I tried to redeem my points today, but they've upped it to 40 pts for the cokes. That stinks.