Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get ALL detergent for as little as .50cents

First look in your binder and pull out your ALL coupons. If you started clipping on are before 1/3/10 you should have them. Some were regional:
Coupon reads $3 off 2 All 32 load
Coupon reads $2 off 1 All 32 load

Now go look in the trash, on the washer or wherever the mail is from yesterday. You are looking for your BIG LOTS paper.

BIG LOTS has ALL detergent at 2/$5
+++++Note BIG LOTS does not accept coupons

Now if you have the $3 off 2 you will do the math $5-$3= $2 for 2 = $1 each
Now if you have the $2 off 1 you will use two and the math is $5-$2-$2 = .50 each
COUPONS ARE MONEY so count them like they are money.

Now if BIG LOTS doesn't take coupons how do I get this deal??? You will need to pricematch it with TARGET or WALMART this deal is good through January 23, 2010 according to the BIG LOTS paper. Be sure you take the entire advertisement so you can pricematch.

Target will make you pay then take to Guest Services.
Walmart will pricematch at the register.

Who loves ya??? Coupon Mama

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