Friday, January 22, 2010

Here is your WALGREENS February IVC

OK what does that mean? Instant Value Coupons, these are the coupons at the entrance of the store. Remember thse coupons can be STACKED and will ensure you save the most. One thing you want to remember that my girl Christy forgot about tomorrow that will help you so that you aren't in as big a TIZZY as she was in on yesterday.

Christy had a total of $5 in Register Rewards money she wanted to purchase $5.64 in items, well because the total was $5.64 she was unable to use the $5. WHY? Because what Christy needed to do was add a "filler item". A filler item is a inexpensive item that will increase the total to be more than the tax on the product. You can always find 12cent pencils or clearance gift bags in Walgreens by adding these products you can then use the RR and only pay the tax or just a little more!!
So you can print this (I wouldn't because it takes up a lot of ink)...I would just study it because it doesn't start until week after next and you may be confused about it if you print it out now.


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