Tuesday, January 5, 2010

SOAP BOX for today

Just in case you haven't been to a class, don't know me personally, or just know me from Facebook I would like to share this with you.

If you have been to a class you probably already know this...Coupon Mama is all a God thing, someone asked why I always equate things back to GOD, but let me tell you why. The God I serve is a good God, a faithful God and the only God I will serve. A while back I found myself letting other things try to be GOD over my life and this is my saving GRACE. There are many other blogs out in CYBER SPACE that allow you to get great deals, great ideas and even save even more than me, but let me make sometihng very CLEAR, this isn't about COUPON MAMA this is about GOD.

When I post deals, ideas and others it is so you can be a BLESSING to someone else not just hoard hoard hoard. I want you to feed your family and then be able to bless someone else with your overflow. Someone said well I never have overflow or I use foodstamps and have to stretch them....Not a problem, what I want you to do is share the COUPON MAMA ministry with them then. Encourage them to cut, attend a class or follow us on facebook.

Make sure that when you go to other blogs and forums you don't want to get too caught up in the hype unless it lines up with what you believe in and what your foundation is built on. This is my living, but my living is for God. I believe that my FAITH is what keeps me going, my FAITH in God is what teaches me and guides me to do what I do.

When you clip a coupon, attend a class or just log on you know that the seed you are sowing is being put in to good ground that will reap a harvest. The seed sower never has empty hands and I believe that the more I give the more I will have to give! (20% of all proceeds go to charity)

So with that said...when you log on you will see God information and GOOD information, but believe me when I say that the GOD stuff should be the inspiration not just the GOOD stuff.

This is my soapbox today- Signing off to find you some more GOOD stuff to go with this GOD stuff!!

PROGRAMMING note: if you are looking at the january 11, 2010 class tomorrow is the last day to RSVP. Please check your schedule and send RSVP to Christine@couponmama.org if you will be brining someone be sure to send the name of the person.

Remember that God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

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