Friday, January 22, 2010

It only takes a few minutes to make that legal

So if you do the math 50cents for the 3 minutes I spent signing up and doing the survey equals 3 minutes into 60 minutes equals 20x.50= $10/ I guess that isn't against the law. OK OK back to the point I was on another site looking for ways to make money and I saw this one. You only make 50cents for every survey you do, but you get $5 for signing up...they will mail your check once you get to $30 or you can let it sit until you want to take it out..well I figure if it is REAL money why not make that one of my saving sources for a bill, family vacation, Birthdays...or whatever maybe even a spa treatment(I deserve it). So even if you just sign up I can not stress enough to use a alternate EMAIL because I figure we will be getting a lot of emails once we sign up!...Let me know every so often how you are doing.

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