Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just a couple of FREEBIES so far WAGS starting Sunday.

Obviously these are not CONFIRMED because they will not start until TOMORROW, but just a heads up.

REACH Toothbrushes has an INAD coupon for $2 (that means it is store) now stack it with your BOGO coupon (12/6 paper) . The brushes ar $3.99. The math will work as follows: 3.99 + 3.99 - 3.99 - $4 (instore ad will multiply times two because you have two products in hand). You may want to add in a filler item to be sure it doesn't beep at you.

REVLON Eye shadow (matte) should be $4.99 - $2.00 coupon (12/13) - $3 in store ad = FREE

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