Monday, January 18, 2010

Lots of great coupons updated..print while you can

Many times you will see me post about coupons "while they last" there are only a certain amount out and you have to print while they last, but remember if you are out of ink...simply print while it is not hooked up to the printer and when you get the ink the computer "SHOULD" remember it and will print once you have the ink ready.

Some of the great coupons I found were (use your zip code and then check 90210)
USE THIS LINK so you are able to SHARE charity with every click and every print.

Lots and lots if you didn't get the paper this week you should still be able to fill up your binder!!!

Let the printing begin...

Already planning for class this week at Lifeway. Thanks to Marla as usual for stepping up to the plate and hosting this class for York and the Blessed Hope School.

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