Saturday, January 2, 2010

Only Confirmed at CVSHeckle & Cherry check yours

Once you read this call your local CVS and respond on FBOOK your location and whether they do it also.

First off Heckle & Cherry Road both have just activated 75% off all Christmas.. not good enough for you.

Second today starts the 2% return from all your spending...what is that? If you have been buying stuff at CVS and using your Extra Care card they will give you 2% back...if you are a big couponer it isn't a big deal I picked up $hundrends of dollars worth of stuff this past quarter, but only pay a little for it. But if you just started you will be able to scan at the little Care Card machine or at the register and your Extra Care money will print out...I got a whole $2 in Extra care money, but I can use it on the 75% off stuff..

Third now this is the BIG ONE...sit down, pull over and stop. CVS on Heckle & Cherry accepts expired coupons so long as they expire during the same week of the sale. So in english that means all those 12/31 coupons we have ready to send to JAPAN can still be used up until today because they expired during the week. It is because the coupon bag doesn't go off until the end of the "SALE" week. Oh my goodnessssss. That also means that the little RED FLU book that had all the great savings in it that are STORE and can be stacked can be used today. The end cap at the stores have all the perfume sets at 50% off through today and that means they will be $5 with the coupon from the red book for $5 off the perfumes....Breathe...Breathe...I am looking through the bag that leaves for JAPAN this week for Nellie...hold on Nellie...hold on!!!

Also pick up your Reinventing Beauty magazine today it has the CVS stackable coupons in it. .99cents and worth it.

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