Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Daily Devotion..typed not video...

So last week and over the past few weeks I have heard people say to me: "Why do you tell all your secrets and post all the deals and even miss some when you could just keep all this information to yourself?"

To that I said and say....For you to ask that question lets me know you don't know the COUPON MAMA ministry or purpose. The purpose and vision that CM is even in existence is because of God because of the leading of the Holy Spirit to bring this into fruition. So how could I not share it, then I hear " know someone else teaches classes and if they don't they will just take the ideas you have and do the same." Teaching couponing classes are a DIME a DOZEN, coupon blogs are a DIME a DOZEN, but what I am teaching with the bible foundation is about a DIME a THOUSAND. There are so many coupon blogs out there, coupon teachers and more, but you have to stop and ask yourself. "When I click on this site, share and follow their they have the same foundational principles that I believe in, are they just telling me this so I can hoard for myself or so I can share with someone else."

I don't do this just for the money, I do this because it HELPS people be better stewards, nurturers, helpmates. God receives all the Glory for this...not me. That is why I encourage you to spread the word at your church, school, friends and family..sure if they could learn it from the MANUAL they could, but if you have been to a class you know you get so much more in class than the MANUAL could ever do for you!!! Be sure if you invite people to come to your church and speak that they aren't afraid to Call Christ their savior in public...remember if you are ashamed of the GOD in public...(you complete it)

This WORD is a WORD for sowing...I just love to see the HARVEST it produces, What God has for me it is for me and no DEVIL in hell can stop it!!!"

Listen to this song and just WORSHIP Him...for all he is doing and continuing to do in your life on this day.


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Faye said...

Thanks for sharing, not only how to do "coupons" but how to share God's love while doing it! Praying for all of you in a special way! Loved the Daily Devotion today. The pictures were awesome. What a blessing on this cold, snowy, icy day!! Have a great weekend.
Love ya, Faye