Friday, January 29, 2010

So it is Friday and lots of Q's expire on Sunday...

Oh my...I have lots of coupons that will be expiring on Sunday..what do I do? Scream!! Then it is supposed to rain,snow,sleet here...Gonna be a MANIC Friday for those of you who have all those coupons..

Did a quick trip to BI-LO yesterday and picked up about $100 of groceries for $ is what I picked up

13 boxes of the 100 calorie snacks .15cents a piece?? How you may ask..
BILO has them $3.29 b1g1 so use your .75cents off coupon (makes it $1.50 here in Rock Hill as they double up to .99) so I had 13 coupons for that product so here is the math.

$3.29 + $3.29 = $6.58 minus 2 coupons totalling $3 = $3.58 minus the free one $3.29 = .29cents for two boxes.

Only have one coupon = .15cents a piece

Red Barron pizzas are $2.88 minus $1 coupon = $1.88

Marcal products some on sale $2 there was a $2 coupon making it FREE (expires January 31)

picked up a few other items, but these were the ones that stood out for me!!!

Get SNOW READY...snow ready simply means to me get some charcoal so if you have to cook outside and make sure your deep fryer has propane in the tank...
I have hotdogs, going to get buns...have mil, have we are good...better pick up some chips.

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Paula Van Valkenburg said...

I went to Publix yesterday and got $52.00 worth for $10.00 - that was my best trip yet - got 3 bottles gatorade, 6 bags knorr noodles, 2 toaster struedels, 2 boxes club crackers, 1 sargento cheese, 2 chex mix, 2 hidden valley ranch dressing, 4 rotels, 2 2 liters store brand gingerale (paid full price for sick kid, om deli fresh cheese and turkey, 1 ronzoni noodle, and 1 barilla noodle (got wrong item, but coupon scanned??). That trip felt great!! The cashier was not happy with me because I had store q and man q for the gatorade and made 2 of them -$.55 each, but she asked a manager and they told her to do it, she kept muttering "that isn't right, that just isn't right". I told her that I hadn't used my man q and therefore I did get to take advantage of the savings - very nicely though - even though she was very unpleasant.
Def, not looking forward to snow tonight. We were supposed to go to Columbia tonight for little bits birthday, but looks like we will have to cancel. Oh well, safety first!
Have a great day!!