Saturday, January 16, 2010

So it is Saturday...

So it is Saturday and everyone has been on me about the Daily I am so glad someone actually logs on to read it. Today I tried to do it while driving on my bberry and wanted to upload it for you to see and hear. The topic was simply where are we going and is Christ in front or behind us? As I was in the car this morning at 6:30 and watching the sun rise, the dew dry and all the other nature (we live in the country) so sometimes you have to worry about a COW crossing the road, but anyway. I was thinking about when we get up in the morning do we really God for his guidance in the day or just say "God I thank you for letting me see another day" we stop it right there or do we take it further. So many times sure I do the devotion, I ask for God's favor and I try to spend time with him in the WORD, but am I really asking him to go with me during the day. How about when the lady cuts me off in traffic, or the kid puts up the STOP sign in the school line and I was almost through..or oh yeah what about when I walk all the way across the house to answer the phone and then the person is gone off the line...hey we don't have caller many everyday all day times that we really aren't sure if we asked God or if we did...did we bring Him out of the house with us. Right now just think about how your day went and ask yourself did you leave God at the house today or did you actually take him with you everywhere you went.

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