Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wasn't a believer till I talked to someone reaping reward.

Now I am not this HUGE believer in products until I speak to someone about their own TESTIMONY so someone came up to me onece after one of my classes and asked why I didn't talk about I wanted to share it. Many people have seen the logo, commercials and all that, but never signed up. We have two boys in the house and this will be great..Nothing new, but I am signing up today and will look at the ACTUAL savings at the end of this year 2010 to see whether it worked. It doesn't take extra why not. Remember to click this exact link as part of your CLICKING goes to charity. So if you share it with a friend or family ask them to click from this BANNER. I will start reporting CLICKING to CHARITY quarterly and this way in case you don't feel like you can really do for know that you are Shopping. Saving and SHARING!!!



Laurie C. said...

We started doing this a good while back. We don't save a ton doing it, but every little bit helps. I especially like that I can load the e-coupons directly onto my store cards. By doing that I can use a coupon AND have some money go into the Upromise account on the same items!

Anonymous said...

I've been using it for a while also. Mine hasn't accumulated a whole lot but like the previous poster, every little bit helps. I also load the ecoupons every month.

Tina D
York, SC