Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What I saw in Rock Hill Target today...

You can go to and scroll to the bottom and click grocery coupons if you have never printed from you will need to install the coupon printer. Remember the best thing with all of these coupons is that you can STACK them with your manufacturer Coupons...don't know what STACK means...see you in class!!!

Kashi Hot Cereal
50cent off coupon

Kashi Frozen Pizza
Didn't see in Rock Hill
50 cent off coupon

Cascadian Farms Cereal
clearance end cap $1.79

Lean Cuisine frozen meals
$1 off coupon

Kelloggs Special K granola crereal
Didn't see in Rock Hill

Kelloggs Special K cereal
starts at $1.98
.50 cents off coupon

Kashi cold cereal
$2.75 to $3.50
.75 cents off

Powerade singles
$1 off 5

Kelloggs Special K (Crackers, Crisps, Bars)
$2.39 deal when you buy 2 get free special K Crisps
$1 off coupon

Ocean Spray
$1 off coupon
I would price match with Walgreens 2/$4(take entire ad)
Makes it $1

Now there are several more on the site, but did a quick run through will get rest of the coupon vs prices on tomorrow.

NOTE I think each and every one of these should have matchups for you to use out of your Handy Dandy BINDER..

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